Festival of Big Bands

Marezige, 5th and 6th july 2018
at 19:00

About The Festival

First weekend of July is aproaching - and so is MareziJazz ... This year slightly out of tune.


Due to different factors - mostly out of our control - our favourite big band festival has come to an unpleasant financial situation. Until recently it was not even clear if this edition of the festival will happen, without compromising the quality of the event (while keeping it without entrance fees).


But we, the volounteers who stand behind MareziJazz, are not giving up! Our passion for music and care for the festival keeps us going. We believe that also our loyal audience cares about the big band festival and will help us make MareziJazz - Runing on Empty happen. And also keep the tradition of the festival going.


You can find more information every day on our FB site.


Spread the word about MareziJazz, invite your friends, and of course, come and have 

A glass of good music!