Festival of Big Bands

6 & 7 August 2021




Big Band Theory

Big Band Theory is somewhat an atypical ensemble of about thirty members who, on their musical journey, want to combine classic big band sounds with the rock band's repertoire.

The story of BB Theory began when a group of friends - with a long and very diverse musical experience - wanted to offer the audience a unique musical mix with songs that connect several generations of listeners.

Many of the famous pop and rock songs they play, have been arranged just for this big band. Their repertoire includes famous bands such as: Abba, Guns'n'Roses, Eric Clapton, The Blues Brothers and others.


Špičikuc Orchestra

The very beginnings of the Špičikuc Orchestra date back to year 2000. The band of nineteen musicians has been playing funk, pop, rock and jazz music for over twenty years now. Most of the members come from the village of Sv. Peter in the hinterland of Piran and they gained musical experience across varous genres. Famous Slovenian jazz and pop musicians also collaborate with the orchestra. The flutist Gordana Buh, who took over the orchestra as the artistic director in 2005, contributed a lot to the development and formation of the band.


In addition to the conductor Gordana, Vid Žgajner, arranger and keyboardist, later joined the band. He writes arrangements that are so specific to this orchestra. In fact, all the songs they perform are arranged especially for Špičikuc, in this way the orchestra gains the fullness of sound and uniqueness of the performed compositions. Some musicians boast an academic education, others are on their study way there, and still others achieve an enviable level of playing with a great deal of good will and effort. With this, the orchestra began to develop into a quality band that can serve music of various genres and satisfy even the most demanding listener.


In addition to the exceptional dance rhythm and complex harmony, the Špičikuc Orchestra is distinguished by a unique and incredibly well-tuned sound that impresses. The band, whose name illustrates the sound of the bird cymbal, performs mostly funk, pop, rock and adaptations of jazz songs of both instrumental and vocal nature.


Jazz Punt Big Band

Jazz Punt Big Band has been active since 2005 and has been led by the trombonist Matija Mlakar ever since. During this time, the big band has had more than 180 concerts, both in Slovenia and abroad. Among the most important are the concerts at two international competitions of big band bands, namely in 2013 in Hungary and in 2015 in the Czech Republic. The members of the team won a gold plaque in both competitions and scored the highest number of points among the performers.

In 2015, on the occasion of their 10th anniversary, they prepared the extremely successful project A Tribute to The Beatles. With this project they had more than twenty-five concerts and recorded their first CD. It is also worth mentioning the concerts at the famous Nišville Jazz Festival in Serbia and at the Big Band Festival Šiauliai in Lithuania. On the occasion of the band's 15th anniversary, they prepared the project We Will Rock You - dedicated to the legendary band Queen - which we could hear at last year's MareziJazz.
They chose their name, Jazz Punt Big Band, for two reasons; the first is the love of jazz music, and with the second the members wanted to show their belonging to their town, which is known for the great Tolmin peasant uprising of 1713.


With the release of the 25th James Bond film, members of the Jazz Punt Big Band have prepared the project 007, which includes songs from the oldest Bond films (Goldfinger, From Russia With Love, Live and Let Die ...), as well as newer ones (Skyfall, Specter, Quantum of Solace ...). Legendary songs and an energetic performance of the Jazz Punt Big Band take you into the world of action, fast cars, beautiful girls and martinis. The vocalist of the night is Srednik! Tanja Srednik!


Big Band GveriLLaz

Big Band GveriLLaz tries to think in a contemporary way. Being loyal to their intention of exploring world's finest composers, they have already explored much of the work written by contemporary geniuses, such as: Bob Brookmeyer, Jim McNeely, Bob Mintzer, Frank Zappa....

Having been able to study "the greats" while at the same time receiving critical acclaim for their energetic interpretation, Big Band gveriLLaz turned their attention to their original composition with adition to periodically repeat some of the best arrangements from Zappa's music while Frank Zappa still remains one of the most vigorous artistic projects being played today. The conductor and artistic director Peter Ugrin, famous for his jazz violin, makes sure that something as unique as Frank Zappa still remains in their repertoire while he seeks forward into only possible big band future with completely original program – made by original compositions.

So, many of the new compositions were written by three of the Big Band’s members: conductor and jazz violinist Peter Ugrin, pianist Anže Vrabec and guitarist Marko Čepak and arranged and orchestrated by best of Slovenian BigBand arrangers.


Bend-it! Orchestra

A group of gals from the Slovenian Coast wanted to create a big band and in 2018 they took this challenge quite seriously. After several months of preparations and agreements, they managed to gather enough musicians, mostly from the region, for the new big band to start practicing. After a while, internationally acclaimed saxophonist Lovro Ravbar joined the band as the artistic director, bringing his knowledge and contagious energy to the group. The members of Bend-it! Orchestra are both professional and amateur musicians, an interesting mixture that creates an intense atmosphere at the concerts - which the audience loves and supports.


The members of Bend-it! Orchestra do not limit themselves to a specific music genre. The director Lovro Ravbar advocates the playing of the big band classics, but at the same time brings his own compositions to the band. He also encourages other band members to create their own original pieces. In this way, the big band is moving towards finding their own recognizable and completely unique sound. 


The 1000 Streets' Orchestra

In the acoustic world of big bands, The 1000 Streets' Orchestra - since their beginnings - has collaborated with a variety of musicians, including: Les Babettes, Mike Sponza, Bareté Quartet, Andrea Tofanelli, Daniel Pobega, Leonardo Zannier, Maurizio Vandelli of Equipe '84 and Joe Bastianich. After five years of musical performances, the orchestra decided to release its debut album.


The album Electro Way, which The 1000 Streets' Orchestra will also present at this year's MareziJazz, was produced by 1000Streets (Denis Zupin, Martin Dequal, Riccardo Pitacco and Walter Grison). It is a brand new product - in fact, it was released in June 2021 - which indicates a new musical direction of the orchestra: an interesting intersection of the acoustic sound of a big band and electronic rhythm. The energetic live performance presenting the album brings unique voices to the stage next to the band: GianJoe (Gianluca Sticotti), Eleonora Lana, Nai Boa (Joel Ambrosino) and Mr. Wallace (Walter Grison).