Festival of Big Bands

Marezige, 6th and 7th july 2018
at 19:00




FEEDBACK play their own instrumental music, which can be classified as a mixture of rock, blues and jazz. The sound of their music reflects the choice of their instruments, which are mostly from the 70s, while the diversity of each composition results in the fact that their music is based on improvisation and expresses the feelings of the members.

The members of the band met and started creating music in 1995, but under a different name and in a bigger ensemble than today. They played music of older composers and of various genres, which gave them a great starting point for their further career. While hanging out they discovered various genres and shaped their way of playing. Under the name FEEDBACK, they played in various places around Slovenia, mostly in clubs and on festivals.


Just Friends Quartet

The quartet Just friends was founded as the house band of the ˝Jazz hram˝ club in Divača. As the name already implies the members of the band are very good friends, at the same time, however, it also reminds us of the famous jazz standard. The ensemble takes us back to the good old times of classical jazz, to the sounds of legendary saxophonist Sonny Rollins from the 1950s. The guys have improved their traditional notes with modern compositions, lately especially with the music of John Coltrane and with their own compositions.


Big band Šmarje

Association Big band Šmarje pri Jelšah are:

  • Young energy
  • Good company
  • Free time
  • Harmony,…

The beginnings of the association stretch back to the year 1995 when maestro Adam Bicskey gave the idea to form a group of musicians who would be eager to improvise, get to know jazz, and perform fresh, modern music.

Today, the Big band is led by Bojan Logar with his pedagogical touch and a great extent of creativity. He gives momentum to new projects and many musical discoveries with his knowledge and unbelievable energy.
We’ve already shared the stage with Dada Kladenik, the band Šukar, Oto Pestner and Alenka Godec, but we also love to return to Marezige, to the unique Marezijazz festival. Let our youth and expressiveness towards music be played through our music.



Big Band Vrhnika

Big band Vrhnika has been active for already 23 years. In recent years, it has been successfully led by
trumpet player Matjaž Lenarčič.
Despite every year having a busy summer schedule, we always gladly take part in the international
meeting of big bands in Marezige. Hot weather and good company are perfect to spend a pleasant
evening in the best possible musical company.
The pieces that we will perform are the works of Mike Tomaro, Bob Mintzer and Gordon Goodwin.
With this selection, we want to show the beauty, variety and complexity of the compositions played
by the big band.


Big Band Krško

In 2018 Big band Krško is celebrating an honourable jubilee, their 40th anniversary. Since 1992 the orchestra has been led by Aleš Suša. They perform all types of jazz and also some contemporary orchestral trends. In particular, it is necessary to highlight their project DEPECHED, which has achieved a remarkable success as it was included in the repertoire of Montreux Jazz Festival 2013 in Switzerland.


Chili Brass Band

Chili Brass Band is a young music ensemble that originated in the wish to perform street New Orleans Jazz music and arrangements of contemporary music hits. The history of the band is short as it has only been six months since its founding, but nevertheless it managed to assert itself on the coast through performances on various events. The ensemble is composed of 9 musicians who are connected not only through friendship but also through the love of music and the wish to play something new and different. Chili Brass Band, with its energy and spiciness, will certainly not leave you indifferent. 



BIG BAND RADLJE is a group of young musicians, established in 1994, which consists of musicians from Radlje and its surroundings. After a few years’ hiatus, the band’s

leadership was taken over by music director and saxophonist Aljaž Razdevšek who rejuvenated the band and gave it additional zeal.

The story of the band started in 1994 when music director and conductor Izidor Leitinger united some young musicians and thus BIG BAND RADLJE was born.

The type of music played by the band is extremely diverse. On our concerts one can thus listen to jazz, blues, funk, hip-hop or rap, relax by various modern and swing ballads, dance to modern pop music and enjoy international evergreens.


Big Band of the Faculty of Medicine

The Big Band of the Faculty of Medicine (BBMF) is a big jazz ensemble composed by around twenty musicians, mostly students of the Faculty of Medicine. We are connected through the love of composing music in our free time. The project emerged nine years ago and it has been active ever since. The band gives us a unique opportunity to learn how to play jazz and for most of us it is also the only possibility for playing in a real big band. A special meaning is given to the band during bigger public performances when we are given the opportunity to present ourselves to the wider audience, other students and employees of the faculty and draw jazz closer to them in an environment that is still more acquainted with classical music. Our repertoire is composed by modern, jazz, funk and rock music. 


"No name" Orchestra

"No name" Orchestra was founded in 2018 with the wish to continue the culture of big band music in
Marezige. Before them Marezige had another big band, The Bug Orchestra, which had been creating music
for 10 year until it stopped being active in 2017. However, as some of the members still wanted to play, they
soon started actively searching for new musicians and for a new conductor. This year, as soon as they
managed to form a new band they immediately started working and creating music. The band now consists
of 23 musicians and their peculiarity is that many of them are girls.
They play different styles of music, from classic jazz to pop, rock and others. They also already play original
music composed by their conductor, famous saxophonist Lovro Ravbar, who has taken the lead of this
young big band.
Lovro started studying the saxophone in Krško, continued at the Conservatory of Music and Ballet in
Ljubljana and even abroad, in the Netherlands and other places. He is extremely active performing,
recording, composing music and teaching the saxophone.
This freshly formed group doesn't have a name yet, but they have decided that their eagerness to perform
and to be active in other ways will not be hindered by this small detail.

7. 7.

Big Band NOVA

Big band NOVA was founded in 1995. Since then, the band has been constantly active and it has thus carried out over 300 performances at home and abroad.

In recent years they’ve mostly focused on their own music and on this occasion they will present some novelties by their own composers Anže Vrabec, Damijan Valentinuzzi and
Blaž Pahor.

Damijan Valentinuzzi, the current leader of Big Band NOVA, studied trumpet under professors Eduardo Holnthaner and Stjepko Gut. He graduated in 2007 and immediately enrolled in a Master’s programme. In 2008 he got a scholarship from the Ministry of Culture to go on a one-year student exchange to Jazz Institut Berlin, Germany, where he mastered his skills under one of the best jazz trumpet players in Europe, Gerard Presence.


Jazz Punt Big Band

Jazz Punt Big Band was formed in 2005 from the Brass orchestra of Tolmin. With this name the members wanted to show their appreciation of jazz and the attachment to their home town, Tolmin, known by its great peasant revolt of 1713. It's been 300 years since the revolt, so the state of mind and playing of the band members is particularly rebellious at the moment. They prefer to play energetic funk pieces, but there is also place for other types of compositions in their repertoire. Since 2010 singer Tanja Srednik is also part of the ´rebels´, while the artistic leader of the band has been from its beginnings trombonist Matija Mlakar.