Festival of Big Bands

6 & 7 August 2021


Zgrabi zvok 2021

Summer jazz school ZGRABI ZVOK / GRAB THE SOUND is open to all amateur and professional musicians, who want to improve their musical skills during a four-day summer school with the selected mentors.

The workshop will take place at Glasbena šola Koper (Gallusova ulica 2, 6000 Koper) on 16-19 August 2021.

The programme:

  • Theory:
    • Jazz theory / solfeggio (for beginner level) or
    • Jazz Harmony (for intermediate level) or
    • Arranging (for combo bands and big band) (for higher level).
  • Individual instrument workshops
  • Rhythm and reading workshop
  • Open talks of mentors
  • Sectional exercises
  • Big band tutti exercises

The instruments we will teach are:

  • trumpet,
  • trombone,
  • saxophone,
  • piano,
  • guitar,
  • bass / double bass,
  • drums,
  • singing.


The application form is available here.


The deadline for applications is August 1, 2021.

The registration fee is 150 euros, and the deadline for payment is August 5, 2021.

Early registrations until July 18, 2021 are subject to a -20% discount.

Students of JazzObala and the School of Singing and Music Barbara Šinigoj and members of the Marezige Youth Association receive a -15% discount (discounts do not add up!).

You will recive all the necessary information for payment by e-mail.


If you wish, we can arrange accommodation for you in the period from 16 August to 19 August in the Koper Student Dormitory (Cankarjeva ulica 5, 6000 Koper), where you also have the option of meals.


  • bed and breakfast (60eur + tourist tax)
  • full board (96eur + tourist tax)

A discount of -10% applies to students (high school, college) and those under 18 years of age.

We can also arrange only an organized lunch for 7 eur/day.


* In case of insufficient registration, we reserve the right not to perform a certain instrument or to join it to another group. Also, in case of insufficient registration, we reserve the right to form several smaller combo groups instead of a big band.

** Participants will be required to have PCT conditions as applicable to concert performers.


Contact us for additional information: